Analyst: 75% of Early iPad Air Buyers Already Own an iPad

Analyst: 75% of Early iPad Air Buyers Already Own an iPad
Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has released the results of his iPad Air launch day survey finding that 75% of buyers already own an iPad.

Munster surveyed 71 iPad buyers and determined that the early-adopter upgrade cycle is 23 months, 7 months shorter than the general public's upgrade cycle of 30 months. He also found that the average capacity purchased was 59.7GB versus 40.5GB for the iPad 3.

Of the iPad Air buyers who already own an iPad (75%), only 18% expected to keep using the old device and essentially all of those users were owners of an iPad Mini. We noted a similar trend in our iPad Mini survey in that 76% of iPad Mini buyers expected to use the Mini along with their prior full-sized iPad. We believe this makes sense as the majority of consumers that already own an iPad seemed to be replacing it with the Air entirely, but viewed the Mini as a companion device to the larger iPad. In other words, if a consumer owns more than one iPad, it is more likely to be an iPad Air and an iPad Mini than multiple full-sized iPads.

Notably, 94% of those surveyed said they also owned an iPhone.

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