Connecting your iPhone to your Laptop using a wireless ad hoc network [iPhone]

When I first got the iPhone, they used to tell me that the only means to get an internet connection to the iPhone is either the 3G or through a Wi-Fi access-point. I used to connect my older iMate to the internet over its USB connection to the laptop, that’s not possible anymore with the iPhone.

To keep it short, here’s what you need to do …
First, we need to create an ad hoc network. The iPhone needs to connect to a Wi-Fi access-point. It’s not possible to connect it directly to your laptop. So, we’ll create an ad hoc wireless network on the laptop, were other laptops and devices can connect to just as connecting to an access-point. 
(The next steps are performed on Windows Vista. For Windows XP, do this and jump to step X.)

  1. Make sure your wireless adapter is enabled.
  2. Open the Networks and Sharing Center. Under Tasks (left), choose Manage Wireless Networks. 
  3. In the Manage Wireless Networks window, click Add. 
  4. Choose “Create an ad hoc network”. Press Next on the next page. 
  5. On the next page, enter a Network Name of your choice (as “iPhoneNetwork”). This is the network you’ll connect to from your iPhone. Choose WEP for Security Type (you can also choose “No Authentication (Open)”, but this way anyone in your ad hoc wireless network range can connect to your laptop.) Enter a Security Key as instructed, check “Save this network” and click Next. 
  6. You should get the “Your iPhoneNetwork is ready to use”. Before pressing Close, click on “Turn on Internet Connection sharing”. 
  7. Select your Local Area Network internet connection you usually use to connect to the internet and press Next. The next page should say “Internet connection sharing is enabled.” Press Close.
Now, your ad hoc network is ready.
The second step is connecting your iPhone to the “iPhoneNetwork” ad hoc wireless network.
  1. From your iPhone, open Settings. Choose Wi-Fi. 
  2. Click on “iPhoneNetwork” and enter the password you defined earlier (Security Key), then press Join. It take you back to the previous screen but with the “iPhoneNetwork” checked.
  3. On your laptop, you should see the “Set Network Location” screen. Choose Home or Work, no big deal. 
You should open Safari browser and connect directly to the internet. Connect to Google or something to make sure that everything’s fine. And, yes, it’s a little buggy – you’ll sometimes have to do it over and over again!
Now you can access iTunes store or even download/update your iPhone applications directly without needing to do that on iTunes. Enjoy 


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