New iWatch Concept Features Flexible Display [Video]

New iWatch Concept Features Flexible Display [Video]
Ciccarese Design has posted their concept for an Apple iWatch that features a flexible display similar to theslap bracelet design patented by Apple.

In our shell from the futuristic design, we enclosed ideally, the latest version of the operating system for mobile devices iOS7. We have also started prototyping and we have already made the first two copies, one white and the other black, to verify the ergonomics as well as the attractiveness of the object when worn.

Showing the pictures and the mockups to many people, we are collecting a lot of feedbacks and most of them said that it is cool, it has a look never seen before and is very fashion on top of all the tech features that will be available.

Apple is said to be actively hiring for iWatch engineers and designers. Most recently the company picked upJay Blahnik, a fitness expert and Nike+ Fuelband consultant.

Take a look at the video and photos below. You can check out more iWatch concepts here.

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