Leaked Photos of the New iPad Mini's Rear Shell?

Following a leak that showed the rear shell of the upcoming iPad 5, FanaticFone has leaked photos depicting a back cover allegedly for the new iPad mini.

While the site says the housing is generally the same as its predecessor, the logo is no longer printed on the cover.

Another thing to notice is that both the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 Apple logo is no longer only printed on the cover but the logo is now its own mold implemented into the rear housing. One thing you are probably noticing is that the name “iPad” is missing from the rear housing, while we know for sure that this is the authentic part, we cannot say for sure if this is the prototype or the final version.

Just yesterday, the WSJ reported that Apple will release a new iPad mini in the fourth quarter which will 'likely' have a Retina display from Samsung and could be offer a back cover in multiple colors. 

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