Frequent Locations in iOS 7 Shows Where You Visit The Most [Images]

Frequent Locations in iOS 7 Shows Where You Visit The Most [Images]
Frequent Locations in iOS 7 is not anything particular new. In fact, Apple has been tracking locations for a while now. However, in iOS 7, Apple plans to use location data to help improve maps and to provide a Google Now type info in the notification center.

If you choose to enable Improve Maps, Apple will collect the GPS coordinates obtained through the Frequent Locations feature on your device and correlate them with the street address associated with your Apple ID. This will enable Apple to better approximate the geographic location of that and other addresses. Apple will only retain the resulting coordinates in an anonymous form to improve Maps and other Apple location-based products and services. You can turn off Improve Maps or Frequent Locations at any time under Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services->Frequent Locations.

We now get to see the location data mapped out in one visualization on our devices in the latest iOS 7 beta. A post on a german website shows how you can display a complete history of the locations you visited since installing iOS 7 beta 5.

The data does have its limitations, and is not always accurate, but in same cases can show you how often you visit somewhere and how long you were there.

You must opt-in in order for Apple to start tracking you under frequent locations, and the setting can be disabled at any time.

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