Extensive List of What's New in iOS 7 Beta 4 [Images]

Extensive List of What's New in iOS 7 Beta 4 [Images]
Here is an extensive list we've collected of what's new in iOS 7 beta 4 which Apple seeded to developers.

Lock Screen
● New chevron (>) arrow added to lock screen in front of "slide to unlock".
changing the lockscreen background now previews the lockscreen.
● Control Center pull up indicator is now just a line. Notification Center pull down indicator is also a line.
● Changing the lockscreen wallpaper will preview the wallpaper with the lockscreen 

● Removed "HDR" overlay in the camera app

● Live Camera Filters for 4S

● Picture previews aren't "negative" anymore

● Tweaked dialer call button

● Tweaked answer phone buttons 

● You can now disable/enable contact photos in favorites

Shuffle artist songs

Spring Board
● Folders now have better/proper color to match the wallpaper. 

● PDF files look different in mail app

● The gradient on the mail app icon (and weather) is more subtle.

● You only see the first letter of a persons last name in the messaging app now.

Notification Center
● "Completed Uploads" in the settings for notification center

● Drawer tabs are capitalized 

● You can now swipe between panels in Notification Center

Game Center
● Game Center settings now accessible

● You can forfeit/delete Game Center challenges within Game Center

● Dramatically improved response time. 

● Spotlight tweaked, Cancel button in search fields

● In a selectable list, the options are now centered

● Apps that use the camera now use the iOS 7 camera icon

● Caps lock icon and shift icon tweaked

● Frequent Locations can be used to improve Apple Maps, History of Frequent Locations is also shown differently

● Siri Q&A Screen

● Back button during setup says "back" instead of previous screen

● New iPad "2X' icon when viewing iPhone apps on iPad screen

● Minor Safari UI Tweaks, website without a Favicon show a Safari logo

● New Airplay Icons

● Playlist download all button is back

Check back momentarily. We are continually adding to this list. Let us know if you find anything new in the comments.


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