Apple iWatch: News Rumours and Expected Release Date

We are hearing alot of rumours about Apple Watch -? Let’s find out what it is
Apple’s next big thing, is it going to be the first wearable device: iWatch. Everyone thinks its coming but no one has idea when. But We Presume that iWatch will be something extraordinary  As on Apple the pressure is on like never before.
We heard a rumour that the watch shall run a version of iOS but keeping in mind the battery issues this doesnot looks possible. The watch may have a pedometer and some sensors to help it compete with amazing fitness gadgets in market like Nike’s FuelBand and the Fitbit.
Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “amazing new hardware” would be coming out at the end of this year and throughout 2014, but he meant new products like an iWatch or new models of Apple’s existing products (like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6).
Either way, there’s no need to worry if the iWatch doesn’t Shows up, The rumored devices from Samsung, Google, or Microsoft may show up to cover your wrists.

iWatch is expected to have Bluetooth Siri Maps Health Monitoring Applications and  1.5” display Screen

We have heard from the rumours that it may be Equipped with Essential Things for a device like bluetooth and voice assistant Siri,the idea of having Siri makes sense,atleast you can  because you could pretend to be a sci-fi secret agent.If Siri is on board, it may be because the iWatch is running a form of actual iOS rather than a iPod nano software system.
A 1.5-inch screen tells us that it will show selected information from your iOS device rather than mirror the whole display, which seems to be rubbish


An Apple Watch will face serious competition

The wrist watch market could be the next big tech competition ground as Apple rival Samsung has already confirmed that they are working on a smart-watch
Samsung wrist watch is going to be named Samsung Gear

Other famous tech companies are rumoured to be getting on to wristwatch game too; the Apple watch may have competition from Google as well,as Google filed a smart watch patent last year.

We dont have any Idea about the RELEASE DATE and the Apple’s price is a mystery yet

The release date And Price is unknown yet.We will have to wait for sometime to get a better idea of what the Apple Watch is and whether Apple is actually going to launch it, nobody has the slightest idea what it’ll cost.


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