Wii-Style Motion Gaming Brought to the iOS Platform via Motion Tennis

Rolocule Games recently released Motion Tennis, which is a new $7.99 iOS title that turns your mobile device into a Nintendo Wii-like motion controller for gaming on a display connected to an Apple TV. The game studio which is based in India, has previously released a series of touch-based tennis, badminton and squash games. Motion Tennis is the new game that brings gameplay to the television by using motion gestures.

Rolocule takes advantage of a game engine it calls RoloMotion which according to the company:
…converts your iPhone to a portable Motion Gaming Console using Apple TV. This breakthrough technology realizes the potential of the Apple TV as a complete home entertainment system also optimizing the lags experienced in airplay gaming by using our patented algorithms.
Although it is specifically optimized for the iPhone 5, the game also works on the iPhone 4/4S, 4th/5th generation iPod Touch, 3rd generation or later iPads and the iPad mini. (It should be noted that playing with a full-sized can quickly get cumbersome for obvious reasons). As far as the Apple TV goes, the game works with both the second and third generation Apple TV (the compact, iOS based version) and in fact requires one as it only plays back on a connected TV that utilizes AirPlay Mirroring.

Multiple users are given the option to play together in the multiplayer mode and the game even keeps track of calories burnt in each match for you fitness geeks. Much like many other games in the iOS app store, users can also log into Game Center to track achievements and top scores.

The game is one of the few games that showcase Apple’s potential to take over console gaming in the living room. Is it something any of you have or will be considering trying?


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