Reuters: Apple Exploring Variety of Possibilities to Expand its iPhone Lineup

A recent report claims that Apple is looking into a variety of possibilities to expand its iPhone lineup for 2013 and 2013, including cheaper pricing, larger screen sizes and multiple colors. According to Reuters, four people with knowledge of Apple’s plans say the company is investigating a number of iPhone models for 2014, such as a $99 iteration, 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iterations and models with color options extending beyond the current black and white offerings.

While the sources appear to be reiterating previous rumors that have been afloat for months now, they claim to have direct knowledge of the situation via suppliers within Asia that are fielding inquiries from Apple regarding iPhones with larger displays. More specifically, these people said the company has narrowed down possible screen sizes to 4.7 and 5.7 inches, with the possibility of two “bigger” models being introduced next year.

The publication reports Apple’s rumored iPhones are a direct response to Samsung’s performance in the smartphone market, which has been outpacing Apple since mid-2012. As per the usual, sources hedged their statements by noting Apple “constantly change[s] product specification almost to the final moment, so you’re not really sure whether this is the final prototype.”

One of the more interesting things found in the report details regarding a lower cost iPhone, which sources said could be priced as low as $99. As widely speculated the entry-level handset is to be produced in a variety of colors and will be made of plastic to keep costs down. Reutersapparently received conflicting reports though regarding the cheaper iPhone as one of its sources claimed the handset may not launch until 2013, while others said test runs are already scheduled for July ahead of mass production in August. According to one of the sources:
Trial production was originally planned to start in June, but the mixing of colours is taking longer than expected as Apple has very high and idealistic standards.
We’ll have to see how much of the rumors come to fruition and how many get debunked when more concrete evidence is released.


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