Plastic Rear Shell For Apple's Lower Costing iPhone Surfaces?

Plastic Rear Shell For Apple's Lower Costing iPhone Surfaces?
Just after the French site leaked the iPad 5 schematics, an alleged rear shell of the rumored lower costing iPhone surfaced on the site as well.

While this case could always be for a Chinese clone, the overall template of the shell is very similar to the iPhone 5. We have heard rumors the the lower costing iPhone could come in multiple colors including green.

To begin, we note that this case is prima facie not designed in one piece . It would appear that the hull itself and the panel on which the various internal components of the device will be attached are two distinct elements.

It then noted that the location of the multiple attachment points of the internal components such as the motherboard and the connection port Lightning roughly coincide with the positioning of the same attachment points within the iPhone 5.

The case is not designed in one piece and it will instead have two distinct elements that will be attached instead.

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