New York Times Apps Will Limit Nonsubscribers to 3 Articles Per Day Starting June 27th

The New York Times has announced that it will only allow nonsubscribers to read three articles per day on its mobile apps starting June 27th. Until now, readers were able to access 10 to 15 articles from the Top News section every day without purchasing a subscription.

After readers click through three articles, nonsubscribers will be able to browse section fronts and get article summaries. But they will have to become subscribers to read more than three articles. Web subscriptions that include mobile apps range from $15 to $35 every four weeks.

The company says it's also introducing a seven-day free trial to help users decide if they would like to subscribe. Denise F. Warren, an executive vice president of the company, said that the paper has long been planning to charge for app content because mobile readers have had access to more articles via their apps than web readers have had access to online.

“We always knew there was an imbalance,” said Ms. Warren in an interview. “We wanted to restore that balance between the Web site and the apps.” 

Subscription Options:
• + Tablet App for $19.99 per month 
• All Digital Access (including the NYTimes app for iPad and iPhone, plus unlimited access to for $34.99 per month. 

You can download NYTimes for iPad from the App Store for free.

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