Leaked Photos Show Interior and Rear Exterior of the iPhone 5S?

Photos have reportedly leaked online of the interior and rear exterior of the upcoming iPhone 5S. The photos were obtained by MacRumors and show the same logic board that was leaked earlier this week.

● Logic board is slightly narrower and has a new layout for connectors and other components.
● Main chip is not labeled with an A-series name.
● Date code on the bottom of the main chip reads "1243" indicating that it was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012. This means it's either a very early prototype or it may in fact still be an A6.
● Battery has a part number of616-0652 which is more recent than the part number of the iPhone 5's battery. It also has a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr compared to the iPhone 5's battery which has 5.45 Whr.
● Rear shell has pill shaped window for LED flash which aligns with rumors of a dual LED flash.
● Placeholder regulatory identifiers.

Apple is rumored to be releasing the iPhone 5S this fall alongside alow cost iPhone.

Take a look below...

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