iTunes Connect Now Allows Devs to Transfer Apps to Other Devs

We’ve heard a lot about all the new features found in iOS and OS X recently and how they’ll be changing the way we use our iOS devices. Turns out there are some additional features on the backside of iOS that include a major change in policy as well. One of them allows developers to easily transfer an app to another developer via iTunes Connect. The feature will let you transfer the ownership of an app to another developer as part of an acquisition or distribution deal.

The new owner will receive all the ratings and reviews of the app that was acquired. During this process, the app will remain in the App Store and users will be able to download all available app updates. It’s a transfer tool that is seamless and will make selling your business or your apps easy on both you (as a developer) and easy on your customers for those of you who are affected.

The Cupertino California company seems to be making many features to aid developers. Do any of you find any of the features to be particularly convenient and/or useful?


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