iOS 7 vs iOS 6 – Side By Side Visual Comparison [IMAGES]

 certainly is bright, and echoes John Gruber’s pre-WWDC utterances that iOS 7 would be polarizing. Some seem to love it, others are completely bemused, and while the features offered inarguably represent the biggest version leap hitherto, the look is proving fairly divisive.

iOS 6 vs 7

Although I wouldn’t say I loathed the old look as much as Jony Ive is reported to have, I did personally feel the old look was becoming dated. Aside from a minor shake-up of the Music app and a few other mundane alterations, iOS was becoming a rather tired rhetoric; a mere re-hash through the generations with a few rather uninspiring features jumped-up and decorated as ‘marquee.’

iOS 7 is none of that. Apple has really worked at changing just about everything, but like the Windows 8 OS to which iOS 7 is now drawing comparisons thanks to the bold colors and straight lines, it feels a little too much, too soon.

I am of the opinion that iOS 7 is an improvement on iOS 6 in terms of features, but the look is not selling itself to me at all. In-app, the clean-up job is plain for all to see, and while there are some stand-outs (the Weather app, for example, is quite delightful), it would appear as though Apple has gone from cruising, coasting, and relaxing on one look and taken things too far the other way, bringing an altogether offensive, rather vulgar brightness that users without Ray Bans cannot turn off in preservation of their eyesight.

Take a look at the screenshots below and have a peek for yourself:

home screen

Home Screen


Banner and dialer

Phone App, with incoming notification banner.






Apple Maps



Compass App



Notes App



Calculator App



Calendar App


Sharing pane

Sharing Sheet


Tweet sheet

Sharing Photos via Twitter


lock screen notification

Lock Screen with Notifications



Mail App


App Store

App Store


Notification Center

Notification Center



Multitasking Switcher


Music app

Music App



Camera App




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