iOS 7 Jailbreak : The Dev-Team Has A Surprise For Us ?

The leader of the Chronic Dev Team, p0sixninja, decided that he was not going to just sit on the sidelines and wait until the time passes. Indeed, towards the end of March, the developer of Greenpois0n announced on Twitter that the next untethered jailbreak iOS 7 would probably developed by him.

Apparently, Joshua Hill was in possession of vulnerabilities to actually release a new jailbreak. Unfortunately make such an announcement, while Apple has released the first beta of iOS 7, does not mean much, and Apple could easily patch any of these exploits.

Nevertheless it is good news especially since the Chronic Dev-Team has announced on Twitter a few new and especially a surprise soon:

What could be the surprise? Could this be the announcement that the team began to reform and untethered jailbreak for iOS 7? Is this a completely new tool for downgrade or Sim Unlock? Hard to say at this stage but we keep an eye on the Chronic Dev-Team and

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