iOS 7 Beta Allows Users to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards With the Camera

It appears that iOS 7 comes with a new feature that gives users the option to scan iTunes gift cards with the device's camera to redeem their value for App Store credits. The credits can be used for iTunes, App Store, and iBooks purchases.

Back in November of last year, iTunes 11 also came with a similar feature allowing Mac users to take advantage of the iSight camera to redeem iTunes gift cards via image capture. The computer would then examine the picture and determine the iTunes gift card code with text recognition to add the balance to the user's iTunes account.

Citing AppleInsider, the feature is available via the “Use Camera” link in the App Store and that the device will warn users to match up the rear-facing camera's box indicator with the box surrounding the iTunes code on the back of the iTunes gift card, as shown above. Matching up the lines is important for the text recognition process.

The new iTunes gift card scanning feature is important for both accessibility and for ease of use. iOS 7 is currently in its initial beta stages and can only be accessed by Apple’s registered developers, but the firmware upgrade will be available for everyone coming this Fall along with OS X Mavericks.


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