How to Wipe Your iPhone Without Losing Your Jailbreak Using Semi-Restore [Mac]

Semi-Restore Lets You Wipe Your iPhone Without Losing Your Jailbreak [Released]
These are instructions on how to wipe your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to near stock condition without losing your jailbreak using Semi-Restore for Mac. 

Before beginning make sure you do a backup of your device.

**Until a fix is released, do NOT use SemiRestore if you installed afc2add.

Step One
Create a Pwnage folder on your desktop. Download Semi-Restore from here and save it to the Pwnage folder you just created.

Step Two
Double click the Semi-Restore archive to extract it.

Step Three
Right click or Control+Click the Semi-Restore application and select Open from the popup menu.

Click Open when asked if you're sure you want to open it.

Input your administrative username and password if prompted.

Step Four
When Semi-Restore launches click the OK button to continue past the welcome message.

Step Five
Connect your iOS 5.0 to iOS 6.1.2 iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the computer and click the SemiRestorebutton.

Step Six
You phone will be rebooted as Semi-Restore wipes it clean. 

Step Seven
Once Semi-Restore has completed you will be informed that the process was successful and your iOS device will be rebooted to the new device setup wizard.

Thanks go to CoolStar for making this tutorial possible.


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