Apple Takes Out Full Two-Page Ad in the Toronto Star [Photo]

Apple Takes Out Full Two-Page Ad in the Toronto Star [Photo]
Apple took out a full two-page 'Designed By Apple in California' ad in the Toronto Star as part of its new campaign that tries to convey how much the company cares about its products.

The ad features image and copy already found on Apple's website and can seen below.

It reads:

This is it.
This is what matters.
The experience of a product.
how it makes someone feel.
When you start by imagining
What that might be like,
You step back.
You think.

Who will this help?
Will it make life better?
Does this deserve to exist?
If you are busy making everything,
How can you perfect anything?

We don't believe in coincidence.
Or dump luck.
There are a thousand "no's"
for every "yes."
We spend a lot of time
On a few great things.
Until every idea we touch
Enhances each life it touches.

We're engineers and artists.
Craftsmen and inventors.
We sign our work.
You may rarely look at it.
But you'll always feel it.
This is our signature.
And it means everything.

Designed by Apple in California

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