Replacement for Apptrackr is Coming Soon!


I'm most_uniQue. Most of you propably know me as a mad cracker =)

As most of you have already noticed, apptrackr is gone and it is not coming back. So we've got to make our own site.

Now I'm here to inform you (with blessing by PigPox) that I have opened my own forum with my friend. The purpose of this new forum is to gather people for support for the new crack database site, iCrackStore.

I am pleased to announce we've got a person to code the new site. He'll start working on it right away but let me assure you this is not something that happens in days or weeks. But we will update you with all the progess and help we might need.

This project needs to be a community effort if we want a new crack site back up.

There's a lot more about this project on our forum so please register and take a look and pitch in your opinions. What would you like on iCrackStore?

In no way am I asking you to leave xSellize. Oh no. xSellize is an awesome place so do spend time here but all I'm asking is if you have any way you can support us I would be really glad to get you come by few times a week.


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