A Simple Gesture Concept for Multitasking on the iPhone [Video]

UI designer Max Rudberg has come up with a new gesture concept for the iPhone that would replace the double tap of the home button for multitasking.

A simple gesture would decrease the wear and tear of the hardware button, and also speed up the usage of the multitasking drawer. You simply start dragging from outside the bottom of the screen and move your finger onto the screen. This edge swipe would activate the multitasking drawer.

This could be an optional setting, in the same way that Apple has made the iPad gestures optional. Certain apps might have a conflicting gesture, or a novice user might activate it accidentally. So the default behavior should probably be to have this turned off.

Personally, I would rather use a gesture like this to bring up Siri. Holding the Home button down seems to take too long.

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