Developers Crack Siri Security Protocol to Make It Work With Any Device

Developers have cracked Siri's security protocols which will make it possible to use the assistant on any device including the iPad or even Android smartphones, according to Applidium.

Here's some of what they discovered: 

The iPhone 4S really sends raw audio data. It's compressed using the Speex audio codec, which makes sense as it's a codec specifically tailored for VoIP. The iPhone 4S sends identifiers everywhere. So if you want to use Siri on another device, you still need the identifier of at least one iPhone 4S. Of course we're not publishing ours, but it's very easy to retrieve one using the tools we've written. Of course Apple could blacklist an identifier, but as long as you're keeping it for personal use, that should be alright!

The protocol is actually very, very chatty. Your iPhone sends a tons of things to Apple's servers. And those servers reply an incredible amount of informations. For example, when you're using text-to-speech, Apple's server even reply a confidence score and the timestamp of each word.

Applidium has released the tools they wrote to help them understand the protocol. If you know what you're doing the tools should be enough to help you write a Siri-enabled application.

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