Anyone Can Install iOS 5 GM Seed But BigBoss Warns Against It

The latest version of iOS 5 seeded to developers can be installed by anyone without the need for a registered UDID; however, BigBoss is strongly warning that non-developers do not install the GM Seed.

Here are his reasons:

1) iOS5 GM Seed will expire and once jailbroken you will not be able to use over-the-air updates and get to iOS 5 Final.

2) Official release is in just seven days.

3) Important tweaks such as activator are not ready or not released yet.

4) It's current a tethered jailbreak for all but the old bootrom 3gs.

5) iPad 2 owners cannot jailbreak.

6) Many internal changes will affect the functionality of your current tweaks.

7) No hactivation.

Hit the link below to read BigBoss' elaboration on these points...

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