iOS 5 Offers Evidence That Apple is Building Its Own Maps

More evidence that Apple is building its own maps solution has been found in iOS 5, according to MacRumors.

The site was tipped off to a new "Map Data" section in iOS 5's legal disclaimers. This section is separate from Google Map's terms and many of the companies do not overlap.

• CoreLogic - offers Parcel data which marks boundaries for of properties to provide positional accuracy in location-based solutions.
• Getchee - provides location and market data on China, India and Southeast Asia.
• Increment P Corp - provides location and traffic data for Japan.
• Localeze - provides local business listings.
• MapData Sciences Pty Ltd. Inc - provides mapping data for Australia and New Zealand.
• DMTI - provides postal code data for Canada.
• TomTom - offers global TeleAtlas mapping data which is also licensed by Google for their map solution.
• Urban Mapping - provides in-depth neighborhood data such as crime, demographics, school performance, economic indicators and more.
• Waze - offers real-time maps and traffic information based on crowd sourced data.

While Apple has reportedly signed on to continue using Google Maps, the company has publicly revealed that it's working on a traffic service for iOS users and its acquisitions and hiringssuggest a full blown maps solution.

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