QuickDo 3.0 -=Crack=-

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As you can see in the screen shots from my phone, WiFi and 3G is still on

serial from keygen still works

Survives[Quickdo still working] +3G + Wifi
1) rebooting via power dialog
2) respring via power dialog
3) rebooting via sbsettings
4) respring via sbsettings
5) opening quickdo app for settings

seems the irritating bug from 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 is gone!!!!


1) You still need to TURN OFF Wifi+3G before you enter quickdo 3.0 to input your activation serial
2) after it resprings, you can safely turn them back on and configure quickdo 3.0

do feedback if you guys encounter problems.... I will con't to test for you guys

here's the stock deb for v3.0
QuickDo v3.0 STOCK DEB


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