YourTube: Watch HD YouTube Videos and Save Them to Your iPod Library

YourTube has been updated to let you watch and save HD YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad's iPod library.

We’re proud to announce that YourTube has the ability to import downloaded videos directly into your iPod app! We call this new feature “Gremlin” and you will start seeing this in many of our tweaks on Cydia, including Safari Download Manager and Attachment Saver.

YourTube 2.0 is newly re-designed for iOS4. It includes a host of stability fixes, improved memory management, improved download speeds, and fixes for the nasty iOS4 sandbox. And don’t forget the ability to import your downloaded videos into the iPod library ;)

You can purchase YourTube HD for the iPad from the Cydia Store for $5. The iPhone version will be available shortly.


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