Safari Download Manager Updated For iPhone 4, iPad, And iOS 4.0

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New day, new update in Cydia: Safari Download Manager. SDM is an extension that adds a powerful, highly-configurable download manager to your iOS devices’s web browser.
The latest release of Safari Download Manager, 1.5, brings SDM up-to-date with all modern iOS devices! SDM 1.5 works on all OS versions from 3.0 to 4.x, on all existing devices, including the iPad and iPhone 4! Possibly best of all, this upgrade is free to all existing users!
New in this release:
iPad, iPhone4 support
iOS4 support
Ability to select your download destination for each download anywhere inside “/var/mobile”!
Default download directory changed to ~/Media/Downloads
Ability to resume almost all downloads
Ability to configure number of retries
Ability to configure number of concurrent downloads
Download list saved across Safari restarts, downloads continue in background and resume on restart if Safari ever closes
Will not overwrite current files, renames to a non-clashing name (e.g. “File-1.mp3″)
Ability to download files larger than 2GB
Tap-n-hold downloading of images to disk
Various performance improvements, bug fixes, improved stability, better memory management, etc

You can buy Safari Download Manager from Cydia for $5,00 . If you already bought a previous release, the new update is free


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