First FaceTime Video Sex Chat Service Gets Launched

IP4Play has launched the first FaceTime video sex chat service for owners of the iPhone 4.

Chat with our live models in real-time via Face Time on the iPhone 4! Don't forget — you have to have an iPhone 4 and be on a wifi network.
How it Works
1. Browse our list of talent and choose who you'd like to spend some time with.
2. Registration is free. Be sure to provide your phone number — we can't call you back without it!
3. Purchase time in blocs of 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes
4. The talent will contact you on your iPhone using the Face Time app.
5. Enjoy your personal encounter!

Calls reportedly cost $4.00/minute. Despite Steve Jobs' attempts at keeping porn off the iPhone. It seems to have arrived in a big way. It's expected that numerous companies will begin offering similar services in the near future.
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