Easy Way To Install Frash ( Flash For iPhone And iPad ) On Your iPhone And A SBSettings Toggle To Enable/Disable The Plugin

You all know about 
Frash and, know by now, you all know that it was ported to the iPhone. Everybody wrote about it, and provided a .deb for you to try it out. But the thing is that, the project is still in Alpha stages, really unstable and eats a lot of battery. Because we got a quite a few ( a lot ) emails about Frash in the last 12 hours, we decided to write about it, but kick in some FSM flavor.

So here it is: easy installation of Frash on your iPhone/iPad and a SBSettings toggle to easily enable/disable the plugin.

Supported devices:
  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPad
Supported firmwares:
  • iOS 4.x for iPhones and iTouch
  • iOS 3.2.x for iPads
Install Frash:
1. Load Cydia and add repo: http://repo.benm.at/
2. Browse the source and install Frash ( only Frash package available in the repo )
3. That’s it , you got Frash installed on your iPhone/iPad
NOTE: iPad users should remove any previously installed Frash before installing this one

Posted Image
Install Frash SBSettings toggle:
1. Load Cydia and add repo: http://hitoriblog.com/apt/
2. Search for Frash Toggle
3. Install
4. Respring
5. Enjoy
NOTE: Frash is still in Alpha and very unstable. Don’t expect much of this release


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