Jailbreak iPhone 4 Coming SOON!

MuscleNerd, one of the iPhone Dev Team has just answered a guy who was asking him about a Jailbreak for iPhone 4, he already answered him telling him that they already handled Jailbreak for iOS 4 on all Devices (Including iPhone 4) by the simple comex's tool "Spirit"
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Here's the guy 
asking MuscleNerd about the Jailbreak:
@MuscleNerd what about a jailbreak!!! Unlocks should come after!!! :-p I need one bad! LOL
And Here's our Genius, MuscleNerd answering him:
@xfsasx jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release :) so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff
If you notice above, he told him by "upcoming @comex release", that means that it will his popular tool "Spirit", The amazing thing that Spirit is Untethered Jailbreak with only one Click to jailbreak, the same as Blackra1n by Geo.


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