iPhone 3GS Recognizes FaceTime URLs

The iPhone 3GS has been found to recognize FaceTime URLs when running iOS 4.0.

AppleInsider reader Felipe Baez discovered facetime:// URL scheme support while examining how FaceTime works.

On other iPhone models running iOS 4, FaceTime URLs are recognized as a valid URL scheme. So rather than not being clickable or resulting in an error message that the URL is "invalid" (as an unrecognized URL scheme does), iPhone 3GS users who click on a facetime:// URL get a strangely blank screen (below).

It's possible that Apple was or is planning to include partial support for FaceTime calls on devices other than the iPhone 4. This could take the form of a one way video call or perhaps an audio only call. The iPhone users who make frequent international calls would appreciate that.
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