PKGBackup for Cydia Apps Gets Major Update

PKGBackup, a popular application by Jibril Gueye to backup and restore your Cydia applications, has received a major update.

This is a K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple, Stupid) backpup application that allows you to back up & restore all the cydia packages installed in your iphone. You can even share/exchange/send your packages lists to others. I'm counting on your support & comments to make this app more KISSable ;). The application is also Facebook Connect enable so that you can proudly share the apps you have on your iPhone. Best of all, with SBOrganizer, it *NOW* backups & restores your springboard layout.

What's New In 4.0:
● Added dated backup: you can *now* have a history of *all* your backup operations
● Added ability to manage backups data
● Sharing data is *now* done thru an attached VCF file & imported by 2x click on it! (no more cut&pasting corrupt data!)
● Added usage map
● Hiding GSC packages
● Added ‘Settings’ for more control on what needs to be backup/restore
● Ability to select/deselect sources to backup/restore
● Ability to backup/restore hidden applications (Thanks for your suggestion Jeremy Mullins!)
● Better handling of ‘Categories’ backup/restore
● Ability to choose which folder to backup/restore
● A lot of GUI changes/refinements
● Ability to see packages classified by section
● More control for package selection (‘All’, ‘None’, ‘Invert’ selection)

You can purchase PKGBackup from the Cydia Store for $4.99.


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