iWork Pages Ported to iPhone

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By now I'm sure you've heard of iWork from Apple. When the iPad was released, Apple released iWork Apps, such as Pages, as iPad only apps. Pages is an easy to use type program similar to Word. Yes, the screenshot above is messy, but its work in progress, and it's great news for the modding community.

Until now, this app was only available for the iPad, but with a little bit of hacking, some Plist modifications and some patience, the app has now been ported to the iPhone by 
Steve Troughton-Smith. While all this testing has been done on an iPhone 4, stroughtonsmith has put some hard work into porting the app, and he believes that it will be fully iOS 4 compatible.

At this point, things don't quite fit, but thats understandable, knowing this App was originally intended for the iPad and it's higher resolution. It has been noted though that Apple may possibly release an official version for the iPhone 4... 
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