iWebcamera OS X Drivers Now Available

drahtwerk has announced the availability of the iWebcamera OS X drivers. The iWebcamera OS X drivers enable users to use the iWebcamera iPhone application together with their favorite operating system. iWebcamera is the only application that turns the iPhone into a real, driver-based webcamera. With iWebcamera the iPhone can be used as webcamera in applications like Skype, Microsoft Live Messenger, YouTube, Chat Roulette and every single webcamera enabled application.

The development of the OS X drivers was not part of the iWebcamera road map. But due to the incredibly high demand for compatibility with Apple's operating system the plans changed. The developers at drahtwerk decided to make the driver development a top priority.

Feature Highlights:
* Turns the iPhone into a real, driver-based wireless webcamera
* Two quality options
* Instant-Pause mode, pauses streaming instantly without exiting the host application on the computer
* Plug and Play ready, install the drivers, connect the iPhone to the computer's network and the camera is ready to go
* Built-in manual
* Send drivers by e-mail feature
* Beautiful User Interface fully translated in English and German
* Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and Apple OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard

Supported Languages:
* US English and German

Pricing and Availability:
iWebcamera 1.0 is now available on the Apple App Store in the Utilities category. To celebrate the release of iWebcamera, the price has been set to $4.99 (USD) for a limited time only. Promotional copies are available upon request.


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