iPhone 4 to Have 512MB of RAM?

MacRumors is repoting that the iPhone 4 will have double the RAM of the iPhone 3GS and iPad. The original iPhone, and the iPhone 3G had 128MB of RAM. When the 3GS was introduced, it had doubled to 256MB, and now the iPhone 4 (if true) features 512MB of RAM. The added RAM should help with the overall performance of the device and it explains why the iMove app is only for the iPhone 4.

We have since heard that the upcoming iPhone 4's RAM has again been upgraded. This will bring it to a total of 512MB of RAM, twice as much as the 3GS and iPad. This number actually contradicts tear down photos of a prototype iPhone 4 that was leaked to the internet. An analysis of that prototype device showed it only carried 256MB of RAM. The 512MB figure, however, does agree with a Digitimes report from May 17th that confirmed a 960x640 screen resolution, thinner display, and indeed 512MB of RAM. We had heard that Apple confirmed this 512MB figure during one of the WWDC sessions last week, and have now verified this. The session it was revealed in is now available (Session 147, Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS, pt 2) for registered Apple developers.

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