How to install iMovie in iPhone 3G S (Mac)

Note: You will need a Mac for this.
1) Download ipa file of iMovie (v1.0) -
2) Right click , and select compress
3) A folder will be created which will contains files : iTunes Artwork , iTunesMetadata.plist and Payload folder.
4) Pay load folder will contain the app file “”
5) Right click on it to show packages and search for info.plist. Here u will have to make certain changes. U can also change the firmware version if it doesn’t match with the firmware you are on currently. Also uncheck the front facing camera. After all these changes , save the file to the same location.
5) Now , use fugu to extract root folder via SHSH of ur iPhone (Jailbroken). Go to the path /Applications and drag and drop the

6) go to info at the top and change the permission to 0775.
7) reboot and u will notice a new icon called iMovie in your iPhone 3G S
8) Now , the application will work properly but u will see a white icon. Install , install0us from cydia and u will get the icon of iMovie automatically.
9) Enjoy iMovie on your iPhone 3G S :)
Once again I’d like to thank Monis for sharing this with us. If you’ve any concerns then you can communicate with him directly on his twitter (@monis_manzoor) account.


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