Hands On With the iPhone 4G

Hands on impressions on the iPhone 4G are starting to come in from different sources.

● As we said, it's shockingly thin.
● The screen is truly outrageous -- you basically cannot see pixels on it. We're not being hyperbolic when we say it's easily the best looking mobile phone screen we've ever laid eyes on.
● The build quality is really solid. The home button feels much snappier, and on the whole it just feel like a tightly-packed device, but it's not heavy.
● The side buttons are really nice and clicky.
● iOS 4 is very familiar -- there's not a lot added to fit and finish

The Loop:
The iPhone 4 is very snappy when using apps. For instance, switching between the front-facing and rear cameras is instantaneous. I dare say if you tried that with the 3GS you would see some delay...Overall, I can’t see how anyone would be dissatisfied with iPhone 4, especially when you add in the new iOS 4 that will go along with it.

Ars Technica:
The phone definitely feels good in the hand—not slippery like the original iPhone, but the same squared-off hand-feel that you don't get with the 3G or 3GS. We weren't sure if we'd like the look of the glass back, but after having played with the iPhone 4 for a while, we can see how it will work out better than the all-too-scratchy plastic of previous models.

It's finally here: the moment you've been waiting for. Well, you're probably waiting to actually own the product and hold it in your own bare hands, but until then this should hopefully suffice. Scroll down and click on each photo to embiggen to revel in the glory that is the iPhone 4. It's sleek, it's sexy, and it's got a really nice display.


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