Geohot: There is an Unreleased Exploit in Every iPhone, iPad, iPod [Video]

Geohot gave a talk at Nuit du Hack explaining the history of iPhone hacking and revealed that there is an unreleased exploit in the bootrom of every iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

"There is also, I hinted to this a couple times, an unreleased exploit in every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the bootrom to get code execution. And you know if I ever do another jailbreak, that's the exploit I have. If you've seen I posted like a picture of 4.0 jailbroken. I posted my iPad jailbroken. All before Spirit was released. And I used like a completely different set of exploits which maybe when iPhone 4 comes out will be out."

The video below was posted by dominator776.
Here is George Hotz explaining how he jailbreak the iPhone and break the baseband, unfortunately I have not recorded the Q&A which was very interesting. This conf was awesome, Geohot is great in live. 

Take a look at the video below. Geohot begins talking about his future jailbreak at 7:37...

[via Dom]


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