Apple to Refresh Mac Pro, MacBook Air and Debut Web-based iTunes?

Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu says Apple could use WWDC to refresh the Mac Pro and MacBook; as well as debut a web-based service.

Besides the iPhone, “other announcements we are picking up that could potentially be made are, a web-based version of its iTunes client, and new Mac refreshes with faster processors and graphics, namely the Mac Pro and MacBook Air, which were last refreshed in March and June 2009, respectively,” he wrote in a note to clients this morning.

Digital Daily believes the Mac Pro and MacBook Air updates are feasible but doubts that will be ready in time. John Paczkowski quotes his colleague Peter Kafta who noted in April that Apple's conversations with labels were "preliminary at best. So if you’re expecting to hear about an ‘’ offering in the near future–like during Apple’s June 7 developer conference–you’re likely to be disappointed.”

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