Apple Offering ViP Advertising Program to App Developers

Apple is offering a ViP advertising program to app developers who use iPhone ads to drive downloads and purchases of their application.

TechCrunch recently got a hold of an email sent from Quattro Wireless to an app developer. The email outlined a new program called ViP, Verification of iTunes Purchase.

Basically the program ties into purchasing data from iTunes. This means that developers will be able to measure the conversion rate of ad impressions to downloads. The tracking is made possible with a “proprietary direct link from the ad to App Store” and once a “user downloads your app, they won’t ever see your ad again.”

Other ad networks such as AdMob require developers to integrate with their SDK before begin able to offer this functionality. Apple notes that their solution requires "No SDK or server-side integration—this cannot be duplicated by any of our competitors."

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