Apple May Be Testing iTravel App in Montreal

In advance of the Travel Distribution Summit in June, Apple may already be testing some aspects of its iTravel app, according to Patently Apple.

It appears that Apple is currently in the process of test marketing some aspects of iTravel with Air Canada in Montreal. The limited test market is covering five travel destinations: Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris and yes, London – where the travel summit is set to take place. In a coordinated ad put forth by Air Canada, Apple and Telus in Montreal's English daily newspaper called the Gazette on April 29, 2010 – we're able to see Apple's iPhone with various iApps coordinated for the busy traveler. The service is initially using a 2D Matrix barcode system which was covered in Apple's patent – as was the concept of the "unmanned baggage kiosk."

It's still unclear whether iTravel will manifest itself as a standalone Apple app or as a framework of sorts that airlines could integrate into their own applications.


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