SwirlyMMS 2.3 Now Available in Cydia Store

SwirlySpace has announced that SwirlyMMS 2.3, their MMS app for the iPhone, is now available in the Cydia Store.

What's New in This Version:
1) real text-to-speech of MMS text parts and SMS text! (3GS only):
2) handles SMS, both to send and receive:
3) MOV-videos are now converted to the proper 3gp-video format when sending a (carrier network) MMS. When your message instead takes the way over SwirlyNet(*) no conversion to 3gp is made to preserve quality at its best (3GS only):
4) icons to indicate the message type. Below you can see the SMS, MMS and SwirlyNet types respectively:
5) editing of existing text parts
6) photos that are snapped from within SwirlyMMS are now also stored in your camera roll.
7) a whole lot of minor bug fixes.

You can purchase SwirlyMMS for $12.00 or install the free trial.

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