Preview a Homebrew iAd on Your iPhone [Video]

Web developer Ted Littledale decided to see how hard it would be to recreate the Toy Story iAd in HMTL5 for the iPhone.

So I’m sure many of you will have seen Steve Jobs show off the new iAd platform and if you’re a developer like myself you were probably interested to see that the iAd platform is HTML5 based. As part of the Toy Story 3 iAd there was a nice 3d carousel for the video navigation as shown below.

Anyway, Jobsie reckoned that making something like this in HTML5 was ‘real easy’ so I thought I’d see if he was right. If you’ve got an iphone head over to for the full ‘emotional’ experience of the results, or you can see a screencast below.

Littledale found that while not 'real easy', some of the difficulty was a lack of tutorials or documentation. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.


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