The One Free App That Everyone Should Have

Dusty Roads Media has announced My Spot 1.0.1 for iPhone. This is the one free app that everyone should have. You never know when an emergency will come up. With the press of a button, My Spot can send out a message to family, friends or the authorities and let them know what is happening and where you are.

With its beautiful interface, My Spot gives the user an easy way to find their spot, virtually anywhere in the world, using GPS/WiFi, a compass and Google maps. On first use, a user must open the My Spot Settings to set up the Panic button by entering contacts for one or more people they want to reach in an emergency. Also in Settings, we recommend they enter their email settings so messages can be sent directly from My Spot.

My Spot provides a convenient Panic button that the user can configure to send an pre-saved emergency email to family, friends or emergency authorities. This message can even include a photo or audio recording. My Spot also has the added feature of Help Tracking. When Help Tracking is activated, My Spot will send out the Panic message with your location at regular intervals. My Spot provides every iPhone and iPod user with the easiest way to let people know where you are and to get help when you need it.

Pricing and Availability:
My Spot 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

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