Apple Wants Higher Resolution iPhone 4G to Rival Quality of Print

Apple is increasing the resolution of the iPhone 4G to 960×640 to rival the optical quality of print, according to a Daring Fireball report.

Gruber first notes that current iPhones offer a 480×320 resolution which at a 3.5" size screen works out to about 162 pixels per inch.

Today’s iPhone displays are crude when compared to print. Compare type on your iPhone or iPod Touch against the type in a glossy magazine. You can see pixels and anti-aliasing smudginess on an iPhone. You can’t see “dots” in the letterforms of a printed magazine.

The next-gen iPhone is shooting for that caliber of resolution — not merely to exceed the resolution of competing devices, but to rival the optical quality of printr. A 3.5-inch diagonal display with 960 × 640 pixels works out to around 325-330 ppi.

Gizmodo's recent
hands-on concurs with Gruber, "While we couldn't get it past the connect to iTunes screen for the reasons listed earlier, the USB cable on that screen was so high quality that it was impossible to discern individual pixels."


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