Apple Posts Two New iPhone Ads: Dog Lover, Backpacker

Apple has posted two new iPhone ads entitled, 'Dog Lover' and 'Backpacker'.

Dog Lover
"We've been wanting a dog for a while. So we searched local shelters and fell in love with Bailey. We took millions of photos and of course introduced her to all of our friends. Found dog friendly parks nearby and when we couldn't take her with us we still kept an eye on her. Thanks to the iPhone our family is now complete!"

Hey Walkies
● iCam

"I took this amazing trip to Spain after college and with my iPhone I checked out hostels before booking them. Shared pictures as I went. My mom loved that. And I even downloaded this app which became my personal translator. Where is the train station? Donde esta la estacion de tren? All I really needed was my iPhone and my passport."

● Hostelworld
● Jibbigo Spanish


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