SBSettings Gets Updated With Activator Support SBSettings Gets Updated With Activator Support

BigBoss has released an update to SBSettings, a utility that move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available even while other apps are running.

What's New In v3.0.6b4
- Added app sorting in hidden icons and dock applications section of more app.

- Added ability to switch to max 2 rows. This keeps smaller window for those that want it. Find the option in extras in more app. On firmwares 2.x max of 8 toggles would be the limit. On 3.x you would be able to scroll pages.

- Added "App Folders" section to the more app to get the path to a specific app folder. Useful for trying to fiddle with appstore apps that have cryptic locations.

- Added Activator support. Activator v1.3 or newer. Also beta. We are waiting on the thumbs up from the sbsettings beta test and then this all goes live.

- Removed EDGE toggle which only worked on 2.x devices and replaced it with DATA toggle that should work on all devices.

You can download SBSettings from the BigBoss Cydia Repository.


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