Circuitous App Switcher for iPhone Gets Important Update

Circuitous, a custom app switch for the iPhone by Dan Zimmerman, has been updated to v1.1 and adds numerous new features.

Circuitous is a custom app switcher. It shows your open applications in a nice dock on the right side of the screen where you can launch and exit apps from there. Also, you can cycle through your open apps. With this I mean the apps you have open, in the order you opened them, are cycled. They open the next app in line. There is forward and backward cycling in this version! All three of these features, the dock, cycling forward, and cycling backward are all managed by Activator methods within the settings app.

What's New In This Version:
- Tap and hold icon to reorder, or slide out until the icon dims to quit that app
- Shows free memory on the bottom of the dock
- Double tap dock to free up more memory
- Options for badges
- Icon labels
- App animation
- Left and right handed
- Become homescreen
- The x on the icons
- Ability to launch from lockscreen
- Moved down the dock to more in the middle.

After installing, load the settings app and configure your preferred dock activation method.

The application can be installed free from the Tweaks section of Cydia.


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