iBlueNova 2.0.1 Update Fixes Windows 7 Issue

iBlueNova, an application that enables Bluetooth file transfer using your iPhone, has been updated to fix some important issues.

What's New In Version 2.0.1:
- Fixed problem that occurred with the iPhone 2G
- Fixed a problem with Windows 7 (now being able to send and receive files)
- Solved the problems of transfer does not complete
- Improved start times of the daemon to transfer files

To Do List:
- Finished graphics at the interface
- A Fix for the rfcomm
- A Fix for the rpc daemon daemon, which sometimes crashes on the iPhone 2G and 3G

You can find instructions on how to use iBlueNova here. The application can be found on theiSpazio repo and purchased via the Cydia Store for $5.99.


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