Another Possible Unlock Source for the iPhone 05.12.01 Baseband

uscleNerd just re-found a crashing command the yellowsn0w iPhone unlock was originally going use.

Ha just re-found crashing command yellowsn0w was originally going to use before +stkprof. Apple fixed it *accidentally* in 02.28.00.

some commands have come and gone. some command holes have come and gone. this command has come and gone but not the hole:)

it still seems accidental though :) there are no overt signs that they've closed the hole, but the byte alignment kills it

Earlier this month Sherif Hashim also found a baseband crash that might be exploited to bring a real unlock.

MuscleNerd also mentions a "bizzare apple rogue interpreter" that is letting him poke any values into BB memory.

Hopefully these findings will bring about an unlock in the near future.

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