3D Shooter 'Vampire Origins': New Screens, Preview Video

We've been tracking Chillingo's forthcoming 3D adventure shooter Vampire Origins since April of last year. The studio has just given us word that the game is approaching its App Store debut — though no solid date has been set — and has provided a series of screenshots along with a new demo video to help whet the appetite.

Vampire Origins should appeal to fans of Gothic adventures. It pits Dracula's arch-nemesis Van Helsing against a vast horde of underworld creatures. The game features a Diablo-like battle system, dispensing with more complicated inventory and weaponry systems in the name of fast-paced action. Chillingo indicates that, while puzzles and exploration of the game's vast Gothic environs are part of the mix, the focus first and foremost is on action and killing enemies.

We'll bring further information about this upcoming title as we get it.


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